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Personal Training & Pilates


Pilates incorporates strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and endurance training. The dual emphasis on movement awareness and efficient body mechanics is the basis for the integrated focus on the core muscle groups which address the body as a whole.

Goals and Benefits of Pilates:

Increased endurance and energy​

Posture Improvement

Proper body alignment

Increased strength and flexibility

Lengthened, long lean, toned muscles

Abdominals and lower back strengthening

Prevention and rehabilitation of injuries

Enhanced performance overall in activities

Pre and Post surgery rehabilitation

At Core Motion, you can train privately or semi-privately on the various Pilates apparatuses that Pam utilizes in the comfort of her studio. After an initial consultation to discuss your fitness goals and any health issues, Pam will work with you to create a tailored Pilates program to suit your individual needs.

Pam is professionaly trained in the Ron Fletcher Pilates Method.

Check out the FAQs for answers to commonly asked questions about pilates.

Personal Training

In addition to Pilates, Core Motion offers several other personalized fitness programs. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build strength and muscle, train for a hike or a race,  work on balance, rehabilitation for pre or post surgery, or tone certain “trouble spots,” we can help.


Having a problem with balance? Want to train with friends? No problem! You have the option to train individually or with others you know in small groups up to 4 people.

We utilize free weights, Bosus, Balance Discs, TRX and circuit training. The principles of Pilates are incorporated in all fitness routines that we design, such as breathing properly in order to  building core strength, both of which are invaluable to achieving any fitness goals.

Ready to start your personalized program? 

Check out the Training Shops below to see details and pricing about the different training options we have to offer!


Personal Training

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