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Stand Up Paddle Board


If you are new to Stand Up Paddle Boarding, we will teach you how to use the board, how to stand up safely, and also how to perform the different paddle strokes and techniques you will need to navigate on the water. You will also learn how to engage your core .  


During the beginning part of the session, you will have time to practice these new technqiues. The last part of the session is spent working through a SUP YOGA / PILATES class on the boards.

  New to Pilates or Yoga? You will be amazed at how much fun you'll have! SUP Yoga and Pilates will challenge your core strength and balance, but you will also find that the motion of the water is forgiving and relaxing.

Ready to Sign up?

The calendar below lists the current classes you can join. Once you know the date and time you want, click the button below to schedule your class. You can pay online too! 

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